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About Soundworthy

Michael Worthington owns and operates Soundworthy, a music mastering and film post production studio in Ballina, northern NSW.  Formerly of Rockinghorse Studios, Michael has been operating Soundworthy for 20 years, forming lasting relationships with artists from around the corner and across the globe.     When not in the studio Michael shares his extensive knowledge in sound theory through his teaching positions at the School of Audio Engineering in Byron Bay and Southern Cross University.



Here's a snapshot of what Soundworthy can do for you...
Music Mastering
Whether mastering an entire project or a single song, Michael can help you achieve the sound you're after. Need help with file formats and Mastered for iTunes; he's got it covered!
Film Post Production
All aspects of film post, including mixing, editing, sound design, ADR, foley...
Recording and Mixing
Michael works on select recording and mixing projects, due to his commitments to mastering, post production and lecturing.

The Soundworthy Team

Michael Worthington
Michael Worthington

Audio Engineer

Albums Mastered

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E-mail: mastering@soundworthy.com.au Phone: +61 414 291 385